Truffle Oil Marinated Steak

This simple and quick marinade will quickly become a favorite at your house with family and friends. Using a combination of simple and gourmet ingredients, you’re able to create an amazing flavor on your steak. This marinade could work on any number of cuts– so experiment to see what you like the best. Ingredients: 1Continue reading “Truffle Oil Marinated Steak”

Pork Steaks with mushroom-blue cheese pan sauce

Pork steaks are an amazing cut for a quick weeknight meal. There are lots of flavor possibilities with them. Pork steaks are often cooked low and slow in traditional Texas BBQ, but we have found that a hot and fast application can be as (if not more) delicious, and certainly less effort is involved. AboutContinue reading “Pork Steaks with mushroom-blue cheese pan sauce”

Reverse Seared Steak with Chimichurri

Cooking a delicious steak at home does not need to be a daunting process. We’ve all been to a fancy (or even not-so-fancy) steakhouse where steaks are served sizzling and (hopefully) delicious. But sometimes they’re not cooked to how you order them. Or simply the sticker shock of the bill leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Did I really just spend that much money on a steak dinner?