The Reverse Sear

How to Reverse Sear

Not sure how to cook that thick steak you bought? It will always taste great, but achieving an even cook throughout the steak can be tough to get.

This is where the beauty of the reverse sear comes in for those thicker steaks. The thicker the steak, the better the reverse sear works. Anything over an inch for me is a candidate for this method.

To start, you will want to set up your grill, oven or smoker to a temperature around 200-275 degrees. I go for right around 225 degrees. When it is right around that temp, I place my steak in for cooking. Before you put it in the grill, brush with olive oil and season liberally with your favorite rub.

I get out my thermometer and check the temperature often. I am looking for about 10-15 degrees away from my desired finished temperature. (For me, it’s 125-130 degrees, so I pull the steak off the grill at about 115 degrees).

When that finished temperature is getting close, I heat up a cast iron pan to a screaming hot temperature. Also any other grill, ceramic cooker, etc. will work to get that finished sear. When I pull the steak I add some butter to the pan. I then place the steak in the super hot pan and sear for about a minute on each side. I also get the edges for about 15 seconds.

Take the steak out and you are ready to have the best steak ever. You can let it rest but it is not necessary with this method.

There you have the secret to the perfectly cooked steak.

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