Reuben Tacos

So we really love tacos… any kind of tacos. We’ve tried lots of different versions, try to make unique fusion tacos at home, and certainly hit up unique taco joints when we have the chance. But you know what kind of taco we’ve never seen? A Reuben taco. So we fixed that last week when we made the epic Corned Beef (see the prior post for that recipe). Using leftovers and a couple fridge staples, we made some epic Reuben tacos for dinner the other night.

If you like Reubens, you can’t go wrong. Give it a try.



-Tortillas (we love Caramelo tortillas)

-Thinly sliced leftover corned beef (we used a deli slicer for paper-thin slices)

-Slices of Swiss cheese

-A bunch of sauerkraut (we love Cleveland Kraut)

-Homemade spicy thousand island dressing (see recipe below)


-Make thousand island dressing (combine mayo, ketchup, finely chopped pickles, a few teaspoons of pickle brine, and a bunch of your favorite hot sauce)

-Preheat grill with cast iron griddle until hot

-Quickly heat tortillas on both sides, then top with two slices of Swiss cheese

-On the same griddle, quickly frizzle the corned beef slices until heated through and crispy on the edges

-Assemble the tacos by topping cheese-topped tortillas with a bunch of corned beef, a big handful of sauerkraut and a generous drizzle of thousand island



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