Tri-Tip Cheesesteaks

This is an awesome recipe that combines some leftovers with new/fresh ingredients. It could be easily adapted with the ingredients you have in your house. Especially during this period of “social distancing”, this recipe could be a great one for using the stuff you have in your house. I know that once we get home from our RV roadtrip (social distancing at its finest), we will be doing a big dig in our deep freezer to cook some stuff that’s been waiting for it’s day on the grill!

cheese steak

A soft, tasty bun topped with grilled meat, veggies (if you wish) and creamy cheese sauce is the ultimate comfort food.


-leftover tri-tip (any meat could be substituted- other cuts of beef, chicken or pork)

-hoagie rolls/buns

-thinly sliced red and green bell peppers

-thinly sliced red onions (you could use any onions you have)

-BBQ rub of your choice

-a batch of homemade cheese sauce (LINK HERE for my recipe)


Prepare cheese sauce according to recipe. Remove from heat and keep warm.

Cube up the meat, or thinly slice it.

In a cast iron pan (or on a cast iron griddle), saute onions and peppers with some olive oil and BBQ rub until softened. Remove, cover and set aside.

Using the same pan, add a bit of oil and heat through. Add meat and cook until warmed through and lightly browned. Remove, cover and set aside.

Quickly toast buns in the same pan.

Assemble sandwiches by piling meat on bun, topped with veggies and a heaping amount of cheese sauce.



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