Two Seafood Tacos: Swordfish and Breaded Shrimp

In partnership with Safeway Sometimes, making a quick, simple and easy dinner is what is called for. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate and over the top- elevated comfort food can certainly hit the spot! We recently stopped by our local Safeway grocery store to get some simple seafood taco inspiration. The just forContinue reading “Two Seafood Tacos: Swordfish and Breaded Shrimp”

Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl

This makes an amazing and quick dinner, and can be adapted to whatever ingredients you like.  2 portions fresh salmon Juice of ½ lemon Teriyaki marinade 2 cups white sushi rice, cooked 2 soft-boiled eggs (6 minutes or less for runny eggs) 4 tbsp pork belly or pancetta, cooked crisp and diced Flash-steamed vegetables (carrots,Continue reading “Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl”