Steak Tip Shepherd’s Pie with a Cheesy Cabot Crust

In partnership with Cabot Creamery Cooperative While spring is indeed just around the corner, we continue to get cold, blustery weather here in Denver that makes comfort food a must-have. Despite the weather, it’s always grilling season at our house, so we wanted to share this recipe for one of our grilled comfort-food go-tos. Shepherd’sContinue reading “Steak Tip Shepherd’s Pie with a Cheesy Cabot Crust”

Homemade Tamales

We recently discovered a great way to use and repurpose leftovers into something quick and delicious for dinner in a hurry. Homemade tamales! So far, we’ve made them with leftover shredded smoked chicken, and pulled pork. This weekend brisket is on the menu, and you can bet we’ll be keeping some leftovers to try asContinue reading “Homemade Tamales”