An Amazing Valentine’s Day Dinner- cooked at home!

Every year, my wife and I comment that the food we have learned to cook at home really is so much better than most things we can get in a restaurant. And at half the price! Getting immersed in the foodie world has been so fun, because we’ve experimented (and failed) with new recipes, and found ways to cook meals that are just fantastic.

Valentine’s Day is one of those days where we’re excited to cook a meal at home, because we can make an amazing meal in the comfort of our home, and save the going-out-for-dinner funds for another day when it’s not so expensive and crowded.

This is a meal we think fits the Valentine’s Day holiday perfectly—a great way to impress your sweetie or something you can cook together. Because cooking with the one you love is a great date night activity!

Our Valentine’s Day Menu this year:

· Prosciutto wrapped brie served with toasted crostini and veggies

· Surf and Turf

~Snake River Farms filet mignon, reverse seared and basted in chef’s gold

~Butter poached lobster tails from Lobster Anywhere

~Boiled baby potatoes seasoned with my Garlic Junky Rub from Spiceology

~Steamed green beans

~Smoked hollandaise sauce

· Served with Hope Family Wines’ Troublemaker red blend

· And something chocolatey for dessert

A recipe for smoked hollandaise sauce is below. Enjoy a romantic night at home!

~ ~ ~

Smoked Hollandaise Sauce


· 3 large egg yolks

· ¼ tsp salt

· Pinch of pepper or dash of hot sauce

· 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

· ½ cup unsalted butter

· 3 tsp chopped chives (optional)


Preheat grill to 225/Super Smoke. Using a grill-proof saucepan, cube butter and place in the pan. Place saucepan in grill and heat until butter is just melted. Using the smoke setting will impart a delicious smoke flavor in the butter.

Meanwhile, in the vessel of a blender, combine egg yolks, salt, pepper/hot sauce, and lemon juice. Blend until well combined—about 3 minutes. When butter is melted, carefully pour small stream of butter into running blender (on medium/high speed), being careful to cover the open lid to prevent splattering. Continue streaming in butter until you’ve used all the melted butter. Sauce will become thickened and bright yellow. Blend until well combined. Transfer to a small bowl, and season with salt to taste. Stir in chopped chives, if desired.

Serve warm.

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