Products We Love

Traeger Grills


I cook on my Traeger Pro34 pellet grill and love the versatility it provides. From low & slow smoking to wood-fired pizzas, the Traeger can do it all. 

Kai Knives


We use knives from both the Kai Wasabi and Luna lines and love them all. Well-constructed, extremely sharp and visually stunning, these knives are my go-to for all prepping, cooking and serving. 

Jacobsen Salt Co.


Jacobsen Salt Co. is the first company to harvest sea salt in the Pacific Northwest since Lewis and Clark built their salt works in 1805. I use a variety of their products-- from their pure kosher sea salt to the spicy habanero salt and their Bee Local Honey line. 

Mac Cutting Boards


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Some of My Most-Used Products

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