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Episode #20: The Dudes Que with the Jews
On this episode of T+N, Lipman & Kip venture to damn near Kansas to interview, and hang out with social media influencer, and online grillmaster @ThisJewCanQue ... Between our mutual love of beer, bourbon and barbecue, we had more than enough to fill an episode, but oddly (not odd) enough, another one of our guests was a big #Phish fan, so we talked tour-life, favorite shows, and songs he was chasing... All in all, another killer episode, with dank foods to boot. Tune In, Tell A Friend & lets keep this train moving! 

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Griller Guy: Adam McKenzie

A teacher by day, a backyard chef by night, Adam McKenzie infuses the tough but fascinating concepts of science, technology, engineering an math into kids. All day. And not just any kids, but the youngest- from kindergarten through fifth grade- with the attention span of gnats. Maybe that's why this Colorado-native gravitated to grilling and smoking every evening with its quiet, low-and-slow, long cooks. 

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Adam was featured on the cover page of Westword newspaper after the annual Denver Burger Battle.